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Glacier 51

Every fish has a story … nothing can rival the story however, of Glacier 51 tooth fish..
We love working with Glacier 51. It is the ultimate fish – supremely delicious with an elegant balance of texture and flavor.

Its flesh provides perfect canvas for any number of flavor profiles and combinations, making it well suited to a broad range of cuisines.

For more info on this truly remarkable fish, please watch the video


We call them The Diamonds of our Kitchen as they are one of the most highly priced item/ingredient in the food category. These diamonds combined with our recipes brings something truly spectacular to the table.


Although organic products are expensive but our preference to use them in our recipes is due to their numerous health benefits and unique taste which has made us eliminate the consideration of them being costly as compared to the non-organic products.
Our organic products range from eggs, poultry, fruits, vegetables and herbs

Wagyu Beef

This is top of the line Japanese. beef which has been the industry leader since many years and has found its way into the repertoires of fine dine restaurants across the globe.No other beef breed can come close to Wagyu.Its unique taste and tenderness makes for an unrivalled eating experience. Not only is it a gastronomic delight but healthy too. Posh Platters offers an authentic product from the Japanese lineage.


New Zealand lamb has a unique farming system, naturally reared on green open pastures which leads to its world renowned distinctive flavor, being succulent, nutritious and tender. We guarantee the best lamb dishes with our unique blend of recipes.



Chocolate is enjoyed by most of us. Grand chocolate is an experience which we all want to indulge in! Hence we use French premium chocolate VALRHONA to create our chocolate based desserts.


Sea Bass

Is available in different parts of the world and has grown significant popularity over recent years.The flesh has a juicy texture, the most appealing part is its attractive silver skin which cooks beautifully and looks striking on the plate.

We believe in providing the best quality of Fish therefore we import our sea bass all the way from Maldives.

Our collection of sea bass recipes truly demonstrates the versatility of this exceptional fish.
Our Yellow Fin Tuna is also sourced from Maldives.