Our Story


When one thinks of food, one usually thinks of the stomach. In the case of Posh Platters – a totally unique and , food is all heart. We believe that when something is made with much love, care and passion, satisfaction will follow. That is the essence of Posh Platters, a story of the lifelong passion of Pooja Kalwani and her love for the art of gastronomy such that today we are a

Infusing recipes with her own stamp of uniqueness, whether in flavours or presentation, Pooja transforms every dish that she creates into a rich culinary experience. Under her guidance, Posh Platters’ combine the traditional with the innovative, the familiar with the radical, and the conventional with the phenomenal. As a , we delight in pushing the boundaries of every mundane food experience, giving a new twist to old favourites – without ever compromising on freshness!

Pooja was born and raised in the Emirate of Dubai – a city widely regarded as a new melting pot of cultures and one that has particularly shaped her global sensibilities. She owes her evolved taste for spices and familiarity with the diverse subcontinental cuisine to her Indian origin. On the other hand, having travelled widely around the world, living in Africa, Europe, Hong Kong, India and elsewhere, she has developed a broadened appreciation and understanding of international cuisine providing her with the richer tapestry of flavours to tap into and fuse with her own style of cooking.

Posh Platters has gained a flavour-packed reputation in the culinary landscape of this modern city and is today a . Meanwhile Pooja continues to expand its horizons, constantly hungry for new learnings and seeking to improve upon what is already perfected. Catering is truly a game of patience for us, much like a pot simmering away to perfection as it transforms into a delectable memory, so is our rise to success, every bite, every serve, every event has only created a pleasing fondness for our brand of offerings and has seen us become one of .