The Team

our team

Posh Platters, , was formed with a clear intent – to create and leave a lasting taste in the minds of those we cater to. We approach each dish and the larger event with a single-minded zeal for perfection while ensuring that the individual requirements of each customer are met and more often, exceeded.

It is this focus that separates Posh Platters from its competitors, making us one of the . Specialising in hand-crafted food which uses only the best local/seasonal produce, we celebrate the diversity of cuisines and personal tastes only to elevate it to another delectable level.

Our friendly and efficient staff live by the motto of ‘service with a smile’ for we believe that food is as much about how it tastes, as how it is served to you. A warm welcoming attitude with a genuine interest to understand your specific requirements is important to us so that Posh Platters can deliver a totally unique and to our clientele in Dubai. Our staff is highly trained to serve drinks and food at your events so that you can focus on the more important task of giving your guests the undivided attention they deserve.

our team
Sumptuous food combined with impeccable service and a sophisticated visual presentation make Posh Platters one of the most . Leave the worrying into the able hands of our whose attention to detail whether in cooking, decorating or serving has made the Posh Platters name synonymous with refined, bespoke services; most reputed as one of the .